Prices & Rules

hotspring7We use self-registration when you arrive. It is up to you to fill out an envelope, include the appropriate fee and drop it into the letter box. Proceed to the campsite noted in your reservation.  A caretaker will be around several times a day to make change if necessary. Please note We cannot accept credit or debit cards.  Bring cash – the nearest ATM is in Silver City.

Camping: To stay overnight at the campground the fee is $8.00 per person/per night. This includes use of the hot pools, during both day and night hours.

Soaking without camping:  Day use is $5.00 per person/per day, children are the same price as adults. Day use is limited to daylight hours so the overnight customers will have a quiet time to watch the stars. Day Use gives you access to all the facilities except the camp sites.  If the pools are becoming too crowded, we may not accept any more day use guests, or may impose a 4 hour soaking limit.

We encourage reservations for overnight camping. There is no deposit required, as we cannot process credit cards. However, we ask that if you are unable to attend, please inform us by phone or email that you will not be coming so we can use that camp for others.
There is a white board at the Registration trailer that will have your name on a campsite number, and a nearby map for reference.
There are several Forest Service campgrounds where you can spend the night if we are full, and then move to our campground when a site opens up. The Gila Hotsprings Ranch RV sites also allow camping, check with their host upon arrival or look at their website here.


1. A quiet respectful attitude is mandatory, this is private property. This campground has evolved into an area that appeals to those that like to listen to nature, not to music or raucous crowds.  1. 1. Consequently, no music (except acoustical) or rowdy behavior among adults or children is permitted.

2. Our camp sites and roads are primarily designed for passenger vehicles.  However, we allow small recreational vehicles if self-contained and only about 20′ in length.  No generators.

3. No group larger than 8 persons without a reservation or prior approval.

4. Day use (soaking, not camping) is restricted to daylight hours, ending at 7:30 PM.
Soakers must leave by dark.

5. No glass, foods or smoking at the pools for safety and sanitation reasons. Drinking water is OK, and encouraged!

6. No alcoholic beverages in the pool area or while walking around. (Please reference the NM Open Container Law. Alcohol is permitted in your camp area only).

7. No firearms are to be discharged in the camping area.

8. Pets are allowed as long as they are disciplined and quiet. (Pets are never allowed in the pools!)

9. Campfires are limited to existing fire rings.

10. In order that everyone feel welcome and comfortable, suits are required in the pools.  After dark, clothing may be optional, provided all in the pool are comfortable with this.  We expect all guests to be respectful of others.