Gila Hot Springs Campground is a private business owned by Allen and Carla Campbell. It offers camping and natural hot spring pools beside the Gila River in southwest New Mexico. We are located 40 miles north of Silver City and about 4 miles from the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. Our area is surrounded by the Gila Wilderness and the larger Gila National Forest.



The hot springs bubble out of rocks on property owned by the Campbell family. The springs vary in temperatures from 147 to 154 degrees F. and are considered sweet springs (no sulphur odor). These springs have been used by the Campbell family since the 1940’s.

Other local businesses are Doc Campbell’s Post, an interesting country store, and the Gila Hot Springs Ranch and RV park.      These two businesses are separate from our Campground and have their own websites (see links above) with contact information.
Silver City, known as the “Gateway to the Gila Wilderness”, is the closest town of any size. Travel time from Silver City to the Gila Hot Springs is about an hour and 20 minutes on Highway 15.  More about Silver City, NM.

Announcements and Contact Information

The best way to make reservations is to press the green button at the bottom of the pages. It is quick and easy to fill out, and you will get an auto-reply on your e-mail within a short time.  We answer Requests early in the mornings and evenings, so please be patient.

 Phone calls go to our answering machine most the time.  The best time to call is from 7:30 to 8:30 and 12: 00 AM if you do not have e-mail.  Please, no calls in the late evening.


Current Status Update:

We are into the fall season, and camping has slowed up a bit.  We have camps unoccupied on week-nights most of the time.  Reservations are advisable if you have specific camps you want to request, or for weekends.