The hot springs campground has three pools with natural rock perimeters and gravel bottoms.  Each pool has its own personality and temperature so you are sure to find one that pleases you.  The normal temperature of the pools is between 101º and 104ºF.

There are twelve camping areas spaced for privacy and are located around shade trees. Small self-contained campers and trailers are welcome (must be less than 20 feet long) but few sites can accommodate them. No hookups are available.

Toilet facilities (composting) and drinking water is available. We do not provide electricity or trash containers, and there are no bathing or shower facilities.  The pools are NOT for bathing.

There are water faucets for cold and hot potable water next to the “dragon spout”, in the pool area. The hot spring water coming out of the dragon spout is 140ºF.   Do not wash your dishes there, carry the water to your campsite.

We do have bundles of wood available at $5.00, or you can bring your own.

 Doc Campbell’s Post is about 0.4 miles away, for shower facilities, refreshments, ice, souvenirs, gasoline, food, and some camp supplies.